Who we are

WonderLab LLC is a software consulting company. Our past clients include

What we do

Below are descriptions of what we have worked on in the past.

Contest Design A client approached us to apply our expertise in educational software design, and our knowledge of the existing marketplace to help them develop a new prize to spur innovation in math teaching and learning. Our work culminated in a final report on potential competitors and the existing marketplace.

Algorithm Design We have designed algorithms for adaptive assessment of math and reading fluency for computer adaptive tests in the marketplace. These were designed using item response theory and bayesian estimation. In adaptive testing, the idea is to create a customized test for each student, on-the-fly, using items which are most appropriate for the student's ability. This typically results in a shorter test which is more accurate than a non-adaptive version.

Software Development A client with a line of leveled reading products approached us to improve their production workflow. Specifically they wanted a toolset that in-house editors could use from inside Microsoft Office that would automatically assess the "readability" of their books so that they could remove difficult to read words. We created a word add-on in Visual Basic which took a list of readable words and scored a given word document by how many of its words did not appear in the provided list. The client immediately integrated the tool into their production workflow.

How to contact us

For more information please email the principal Murphy Stein