Report on Potential Competitors
For Learning Tool X PRIZE

By Murphy Stein

This report is two things. It is a "who's-who" of the math software market, from newcomers to the most established players, and it is also a qualitative evaluation of the best algebra-related software on the market today. The report also includes a summary of the major dimensions that tend to distinguish different products. Since the Learning Tools X Prize is likely to target algebra-related skills specifically, we have purposefully excluded companies that sell math software but who do not sell algebra-related software, and we have also excluded mentioning products that are not algebra-related.

In fact, in order for a company and their products to be included in this study, they had to meet the following two criteria:

  1. Publish a math software product that teaches algebra or pre-algebra
  2. Have a website from which we could gather information

For each company, we looked at the product or group of products which targeted algebra, or algebra-related skills, and reviewed these products with regard to the following dimensions:

  1. Products -- Which products are offered?
  2. Validation Claims -- What are their most impressive results in terms of validating the effectiveness of their software?
  3. Instructional Model(s) -- How is the product used? For example, are their different models for classroom and home use?
  4. Presentation Style -- How are the skills and concepts introduced? What opportunties does the student have for practice? What kinds of interactivity are in the product?
  5. Scope & Sequence -- What topics are covered and in what order?
  6. Delivery Method -- Is the product a web-based product, or do users access it in some other way?
  7. Price -- What are the relevant price points per user, per school, etc.?
  8. Market -- Is the product sold primarily to schools or individuals?

All the information presented in this report was gathered from the company websites and from on-line demos whenever possible. We have made every attempt to provide links to relevant materials on each company's website.

Summary of Findings coming soon...

Companies Reviewed

Reviews Forthcoming

Excluded Companies/Products

The following companies' products were not reviewed because none of their products met the necessary criteria for inclusion

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This report was last updated on August 17, 2006