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The MIND Institute offers two programs, one for grades K-5 and another for algebra readiness called "Middle School Intervention". Both programs take a unique game-based approach to teaching math which introduces math concepts visually without the usual algebraic symbols. The approach can be characterized by the following three principles espoused on their website:
  1. Give conceptual understanding of material first
  2. Don't require language skills
  3. Focus on problem-solving

The programs consist of 200+ game modules that target specific skills from estimating fractions to solving linear equations. In general, games begin with a visual depiction of a math problem and then "gradually introduce" the algebraic symbols as the game progresses to harder levels. Thus many of the 200+ games have more than 1 level.

ST Math is sold to schools and after-school centers exclusively with a minimum purchase of 80 students per site. The programs are delivered on-line in a Flash-based environment which includes progress monitoring and reporting capabilities for teachers.

It was not clear from MIND's website how much explicit instruction is available to the students when learning new concepts. For the most part students are expected to learn the concepts mainly from the introductory examples, and then the gameplay itself. They do expect the teacher to intercede if the student makes "12 or more failed attempts" at a single level in a game.


ST Math K-5, ST Math Middle School Intervention (Algebra Readiness)

Validation Claims

  1. 10 percentile point increase over controls on Stanford 9 (13.2 percentile points for ST Math compared to 2.9 national average)
  2. 54% proficiency on california standards test compared to only 34% for controls (after one year)
  3. In 2004, program resulted in 42% fewer students being left behind in lowest performing categories, compared to those not partipating

Instructional Model(s)

ST Math is designed to supplement a school or after-school curriculum. The students are expected to use ST Math twice a week for 45 min per day.

Presentation Style

Scope & Sequence

K-8 considering both programs, specific topics covered was not available from their website.

Delivery Method

On-line over the web




Unknown (greater than 10,000 students)


Schools and after-schools


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